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2015 Journal Volume 3 Contents

Invited Articles
Status and Review of Health of Indian Coral Reefs
Rajan, R., Satyanarayana, C., Raghunathan, C., Koya, S. S., Ravindran, J., Manikandan, B. and Venkataraman, K.

A Checklist of the Marine Molluscs of Lakshadweep, India
Ravinesh, R. and Biju Kumar, A.

GIS Based Site Suitability Analysis for Pond Production of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) in West Shoa Zone, Central Ethiopia
Kebede, L., Kassahun, A. and Natarajan, P.

Research Articles
Trophic Structure, Interactions and Ecosystem Attributes of Vellayani Lake, Kerala, India, with Special Reference to Fisheries
Biju Kumar. A., Regi, S.R. and Smrithy, R.

Evaluation of the Effect of Lunar Cycle and Monsoon on the Distribution and Abundance of Skipjack Tuna around Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Sajeevan, M.K. and Rajashree B. Sanadi

Biomonitoring for Pollution Assessment: A Case Study in Veli-akkulam and Vellayani Lakes, South West Coast of Kerala
Abhijna, U.G. and Biju Kumar, A.

Trace Metal Distribution in Veli Lake, Trivandrum, Kerala, Southwest Coast of India
Tresa Radhakrishnan, Nansimole, A., Sruthi, S., Gayathri Devi, T.V. and Sujatha, M.K.

First Report Of Cistopus taiwanicus Liao And Lu, 2009 (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) From the Indian Coast
Sreeja, V., Biju Kumar, A. and M.D. Norman

Length-weight Relationship and Condition Factor of a Large Predatory Catfish, Wallago attu (Schneider, 1801) From the Rivers of Central Kerala, India
Rufus, T., Eldho, P.S., Anvar Ali, Neelesh Dahanukar and Rajeev Raghavan

Short Communication
First Record of the Sea Anemone Anthopleura buddemeieri Fautin (Cnidaria: Actiniaria: Actiniidae) from the Indian Coast
Biju Kumar, A., Dhaneesh, K.V. and Geethu, M.

Seasonal Variations In the Infection of Anthocephalan Parasite Echinorhynchus Veli (George & Nadakal) on Oriental Sole Brachirus orientalis (Bloch & Schneider)
Sheema, S. H., John, M. V. and George, P. V.

Record of the Venomous Vic Wee’s Cone Conus Vicweei Old, 1973 (Gastropoda: Conidae) from Lakshadweep Sea
Preetha, K., Ravinesh, R. and Bijukumar, A.