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Journal of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries

An International Journal on Aquatic Biology and Fisheries Science

Publisher: Journal of Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, University of Kerala, India - A Centre of Advanced Study of University Grants Commission, India

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This journal aims to address the emerging trends in research and development in the areas of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries and provides a forum for the publication of papers in the areas of Aquatic Biology, fisheries science, aqua culture, socio-economics related to ecosystem services, fisheries and aquaculture, bioactive compounds from aquatic wealth and social benefits of aquatic sciences. The scope covers biology and ecology pertaining to inland and marine ecosystems, and multidisciplinary linkages of fisheries in the context of sustainable development. Both theoretical and practical papers are acceptable, including laboratory and field experimental studies relevant to aquatic biology and fisheries. Papers on the conservation of aquatic ecosystems and exploitable living resources are also included. Review articles and book reviews are also published. The overall objective of the journal is to promote multidisciplinary research papers to promote aquatic sciences and fisheries science. The journal is intended for academicians in aquatic biology and fisheries, fisheries scientists, aquatic biologists, policy makers, citizen scientists, policy makers and legislators.

List of issues

Volume 10, 2022
Volume 9, Special Issue on Mangroves and Fisheries; 2021
Volume 9, No. 1 and 2; 2021
Volume 8, Special Issue; 2020
Volume 8, No. 1 and 2; 2020
Volume 7, No. 1 and 2; 2019
Volume 6, No. 1 and 2; 2018
Volume 5, No. 1 and 2; 2017
Volume 4, No. 1 and 2; 2016
Volume 3, No. 1 and 2; 2015
Volume 2, No. 2; 2014
Volume 2, No. 1; 2014
Volume 1, No. 1 and 2; 2013