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2016 Journal Volume 4 Contents

Invited Articles
Exotic fish species in aquaculture and aquatic ecosystem in Telangana state, India
Laxmappa, B.

Economic impacts of aquatic weeds – A third world approach
Nagendra Prabhu, G.

Research Articles
Effect of sensory enhancement on yellowfin tuna (Thunnus Albacares) myofibrils
Apreshgi, K.P., Tresa Radhakrishnan and Dhanya, P.R.

Comparative efficacy of four anaesthetics for the husbandry of melon barb Haludaria fasciata (Jerdon, 1849) (cypriniformes: cyprinidae)
Baiju A. Padiyoor., Benno Pereira F.G., Jayaprakas, V. and Sajan Sajeevan

Rocky reef-associated fish diversity of south Kerala coast, India
Baiju, P.T., Prabhakaran, M.P., Benno Pereira, F.G. and Jayaprakas, V.

Developmental aspects of the endemic cichlid fish Etroplus Suratensis (Bloch, 1790) in captivity
Bindu, L. and Padmakumar, K.G.

Bisphenol A induced oxidative and osmotic stress in the juveniles of Mozambique Tilapia
Deepa, G., Evans, D.A. and Francis Sunny

Stress response of biomolecules in a fresh water fish Rasbora dandia exposed to perchlorate
Divya, P.S.and Benno Pereira, F.G.

Effect of nanoparticles on the histology of gills and liver of the freshwater fish Rasbora dandia (Valenciennes)
Indulekha, R. and George Thomas

Length-weight relationship and condition factors of the african catfish Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) in Mattupetty reservoir
Madhusoodanan Pillai, P., Prasannan, K., Smrithy, R. and Biju Kumar, A.

Comparative karyotype study of an exotic cichlid pterophyllum sclare with two native species Etroplus suratensis and Etroplus maculatus
Mano Mohan Antony and Rita Kumari, S.D.

Breeding and induced triploidy in the indigenous ornamaental fish Pseudosphromenus dayi
Melby Emmanuel and Jayaprakas, V.

Composition of non-native fishes in the exploited fishery of Bharathapuzha river, Kerala, India
Renjithkumar, C.R., Roshni, K. and Madhusoodana Kurup, B.

Biological characteristics of milt and factors affecting motility of spermatozoa of Indian sand whiting Sillago sihama (Forsskĺl)
Revathy, S., Benno Pereira, F.G. and Anu Thottappilly

Fishery of mozambique tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters) in Poringalkuthu reservoir of Chalakudy River, Kerala, India
Roshni, K., Renjithkumar, C.R. and Madhusoodana Kurup, B.

Toxic effect of chlorpyrifos on total lipid content in the adductor muscles of the black clam Villorita cyprinoides (Gray)
Sangeetha S.T and Shiny Sreedhar, K.

Control of spoilage bacteria in tuna fish by marine lactic acid bacteria and their bacteriocins
Sarika, A.R., Aishwarya, M.S. and Lipton, A.P.

Local extinction of valenciennes clariid Clarias dussumieri Valenciennes, 1840 from Thrissur district, kerala
Shaji, C.P. and Biju Kumar, A.

Acclimation and tolerance of marine Sabaki tilapia, Oreochromis spilurus (Günther) in fresh water
Sherly, S. and Sambhu, C.

Reproductive performance of ornamental red cherry shrimp, Neocaridina heteropoda (Kubo) in aquarium tanks
Sherly, S., Anjali, W. and Karthika, K.S.

Length-weight and length-length relationship of invasive alien species, Oreochromis niloticus from lentic habitats of Palakkad district, Kerala
Smrithy Raj, A. Biju Kumar and Kurian Mathew Abraham

Confirmed report of Aplysia argus Rüppell & Leuckart, 1830 from Lakshadweep, with notes on its taxonomy in India
Sneha Chandran, B.K., Valdés, A., Ravinesh, R. and A. Biju Kumar

First record of half-smooth Golden Puffer Lagocephalus Spadiceus (Richardson, 1845) (Tetraodontidae) from west coast of India
Suvarna Devi, S.

Short Communication
A report on the Asian Openbill Stork (Anastomus Oscitans) around museum lake and its current status
Anila, P. Ajayan., Anoop, R. and Ajit Kumar, K.G.

Diversity of penaeid shrimps in the trawl fishery of south-west coast of India
Apsara S. Krishnan, and Pramod Kiran, R.B.

New distributional records of muricid snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Arabian Sea
Sary, P.S. and Pramod Kiran, R.B.

A study on fish diversity of upper Kuttanad, Kerala
Sobha Merina George, Joe Prasad Mathew and Raju Thomas

Studies on the haematological parameters of Anabas testudineus (Bloch, 1792) after long term exposure to methyl mercury
Swetha, S. and Pramod Kiran, R. B.