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2014 Journal Volume 2 Number 2 Contents

Studies on the physico-chemical parameters and their seasonal variations in water at selected sites of Neyyar river, Kerala- India
Ajesh, G., Aneesh, M.S., Meera George., Jithu Krishnan, U., Lekshmi, N.R. and Jithine, J.R.

Analysis on public green spaces in Kolfe Keraniyo Subcity, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Alemakef Tassew and Akhila S. Nair

Ecotechnology of distillery spent wash into biocompost and its application in sustainable agriculture
Ali Khan M.A. and Preeti R. Sharma

Seasonal dissimilarities study in river Pazhayar at estuaries of Kalkulam and Agastheeswaram taluks in Kanyakumari District, South India
Anantha Krishnan, E., Ganesan, K., Sutha Shobana and Dharmaraja, J.

Electron microscopic and IR spectral studies of the medicinally important spiny solanum- Solanum melongena var insanum L.
Anil Kumar, V.S. and Murugan, K.

A preliminary study of the physico chemical parameters of the pond in Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, Kerala, India with special reference to phytoplankton diversity
Anila P. Ajayan and Ajit Kumar, K.G.

First record of Metapenaeopsis toloensis Hall, 1962 (Crustacea: Decapoda) from Southwest coast of India
Apsara S. Krishnan, Biju Kumar, A. and Pramod Kiran, R.B.

Conservation of vegetable fern (Diplazium esculentum) of Western Ghats through in vitro spore culture
Archana G. Nair, Pradeesh, S., Nikhila, G.S., Sangeeetha, G., Mini, I.I. and Swapna, T.S.

Biomass based potential utilization of agricultural waste management: a case study of sustainable development in future
Arvind Narayan, S. and Sutha Shobana

Influence of Hydrilla verticellata Royle, incorporated diets on growth performance of Labeo rohita (Hamilton)
Asha Devi, R.

Use of Zeolite based technology for developing low carbon aquaculture system
Ashamol Antony

Economic sustainability of marine fisheries in India: A total factor productivity approach
Aswathy, N., Narayanakumar, R. and Somy Kuriakose

Histological alterations in selected tissues of Tilapia mossambica (Cichlidae) as a biomarker of fertilizer pollution
Aswathy, S., Veena, P.B. and Shiny Sreedhar, K.

Toxic effects of a synthetic fungicide Tebuconazole on survival and behaviour of a fresh water fish, Cyprinus carpio
Binsha, R. and Binitha, B.S.

Suppression of LPS-induced inflammatory and NF-KB responses by Omega 3 fatty acids concentrate from marine microalgae Dunaliella salina
Chitranjali, T. and Muraleedhara Kurup, G.

Impacts of land degradation on Dendi Crater Lake, Dendi District, Oromia State, Ethiopia
Deressa Degefa, Akhila S. Nair and Natarajan P.

Physico-chemical characteristic of Pravara river
Deshmukh, B.S. and Sathe, S.D.

Coral bleaching observations in the Gulf of Kachchh, India - A climate induced stress on the Scleractinians
Devanshi Joshi1, Sandeep Munjpara, Upasana Banerji, Dishant Parasharya

Phytoremediation potential and antioxidant responses in Alternanthera sessilis (L) r.BR.
Devi Chinmayee, M., Mary Sheeba, A., Mini, I. and Swapna, T.S.

Waste water treatment effeciency of Vetiver grass in contructed wetlands
Dhanya, G*. and Jaya, D.S.

Paddy cum Fish Farming- A sustainable way of agriculture, practiced in Jorhat District of Assam, with special reference to hatigarh village.
Dhiramani Bhuyan

Antidiabetic and antioxidant activity of Padina tetrastromatica in high calorie fed/streptozotocin treated rats
Divya S. Mohan, Mini Saraswathy, Muraleedhara Kurup and Gopala Kurup

Long-term effect of spentwash application on growth, yield and nutrient uptake by maize under vertisols of northern transition zone of Karnataka
Doddamani, M.B., Rubeena, C.M., Kuligod, V.B. and Gali, S.K.

Environmental impact assessment based on polychaete species in Cochin backwaters (Southwest coast of India)
Feebarani John, Damodaran, R.

Interpretation of wetland ecology of Veli lake using multivariate statistical techniques
Fouzia, J. and Prasad, G.

In-situ conservation and pharamacognostic studies of Monochoria vaginalis (Burm.f) C. Presl
Geetha R. Nair

Rainfall variability and rice productivity over Kerala
Gopika, S., Lekshmi Mudra, B., Chaidanya, K. and Varsha, K.M.

Global warming: Towards an experimental evidence of the rise of Vibrio parahaemolyticus
Haris Parengal, Arun C.S. and David Ravindran, A.

Seasonal dynamics of nutrients in the sediment of Manakudy estuary, Tamil Nadu, South-west coast of India
Helen, D. and Ramalingom Pillai, A.

Factors of mangrove destruction and management of mangrove ecosystem of Kerala, India
Hema, M. and Indira Devi, P.

A study on protein sparing effect of dietary lipids in Labeo rohita (Pisces: Cyprinidae)
Indu M. Kutty

Studies on seasonal variation of phytoplankton, zooplankton diversity and physicochemical characteristics in wetlands of Tiptur taluk, Tumkur dist, Karnataka state, India
Jagadeeshappa, K.C. and Vijaya kumara

Yogic alias yogevic environmentalism socio-cultural, bio-philosophical and natural green consciousness of thought and action
Jaya Kumar Jacob, M. and Brahmaji Rao, P.

Eco-restoration of micro watersheds for ensuring sustainability - A case study of Chittar in the upper catchment of Vamanapuram river, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Jayalekshmi, V.K.

Functional feed efficacy of Saraca indica supplemented diet on Oreochromis mossambicus
Jayasree, S., Akhila Thomas, A., Sameeda, S. and Shine, F.

Status of Sonneratia alba (Mangrove apple) from the Ashtamudi lake, Kerala, India
Jithu, U. Krishnan, Saroja Devi, S., Jithine, J.R., Ajesh, G. and Lekshmi, N.R.

Biomonitoring of heavy metal accumulation in selected inland fishes of Kerala
Jude Emmanuel, Lalsha, S.R., Baijulal, B. and Jissy Jyothi, S.

Effect of Testosterone propionate in enhancing growth in Mesonoemacheilus triangularis (Day, 1865)
Jomol Antony and Natarajan, P.

Flora of medicinal significance in Kole wetlands of Ponnani, Kerala
Jyothi, P.V. and Sureshkumar, S.

Effect of air pollution on metabolic contents of some trees in Amravati City (MS)
Khedkar, D.D. and Gadge, V.D.

Biodiversity of ichthyofauna from Patalganga river waters bodies at Khopoli, Tal. Panvel, Dist. Raigad in Maharashtra
Koparkar, A.D. and Kamble, S.M.

Pre-growout culture of Asian seabass Lates calcarifer (Bloch) in low volume cage in brackishwater Ashtamudi lake under participatory mode with traditional fisherman
Krishna Sukumaran, Thirunavukkarasu, A.R., Kailasam, M., Prem Kumar, Subburaj, R. and Thiagarajan, G.

Influence of long-term spentwash application on physico-chemical properties of vertisols of northern transition zone of Karnataka
Kuligod, V.B., Rubeena, C.M., Doddamani, M.B. and Gali, S.K.

Trends in hydro-climatic variables and dissolved oxygen of the river Periyar, South India with potential impacts of global warming
Lakshmi, E. and Madhu, G.

Assemblages and diversity of pelagic larval forms of benthic fauna along Kollam coast, Kerala.
Lekshmi, S., Miranda, M.T.P., Jean Jose, J., Rajesh, B.R. and Sreelekshmy, S.G.

Effect of varying dietary protein levels in the growth of Etroplus suratensis
Lekshmi, S. and Prasad, G.

Biodiversity of wetland birds in Nilamel and Chadayamangalam, Kollam, Kerala
Lekshmy, S.

Efficacy of Senna alata (L.) Roxb. leaf extracts as plant based fungicide against Alternaria sesami inciting sesame leaf spot
Lubaina, A.S. and Murugan, K.

Role of NGO's in sustainable development and nature conservation: A case study on society to save rocks, Hyderabad, India
Mahender Reddy, G.

Phytoaccumulation of heavy metals and fluctuation in photo synthetic pigments in selected aquatic macrophytes
Mahesh, B., Sreejith, S., Mary Sheeba, A., Swapna, T.S. and Mini, I.

Development of lignocellulolytic microbial consortium for the production of organic manures from agricultural wastes
Manju Lekshmi, N., Ratheesh Kumar, R., Purushothaman, C.S., Priti Parik, Sandeep, K.P., Pandey, P.K., Sreekanth, G.B. and Singh, N.P.

Bioabsorption of arsenic in the aquatic food chain using micro algae
Manju, M.R. and Jyothikrishna

Eichhornia sp. as sentinel of pollution in aquatic ecosystems
Manju, K.G. and Darsana, S.

Bacteriological studies on water, sediment and fish samples of Poovar estuary, South India
Mary Helen, H., Premjith, S. and Jaya, D.S.

The allelopathic potential of the weed Amaranthus viridis L. on germination and pigment profile of a pulse crop Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek
Mary Sheeba, A., Mahesh, B., Devi Chinmayee, M., Swapna, T.S. and Mini, I.

Exosymbionts of Polycheats from Kerala coast - Potential antagonistic resource ?
Mathan Magesh

Reproductive toxicity of an organophosphorus pesticide on male frogs (Bufo melanostictu)
Mercy Mathew

Evaluation of the status of heavy metal contamination and texture of sediments in the Poonthura estuary, Southwest coast of India
Mini Chandran, C. and Natarajan, P.

The impact of urban and rural land use types on water quality of Meki river in Sodo Wereda, Gurage zone, Snnprs, Ethiopia
Mulatu Tsegaye Kebede, Akhila S. Nair and Mekibib Dawit

Comparative study on antibiofilm activity of capped silver nanoparticles
Neethu Hari, Tincy, K. Thomas and Jayakumaran Nair, A.

Effects of nematode parasite on the feeding intensity of host fish Xenentodon cancila
Nija, C. and Natarajan, P.

High frequency embryogenesis and organogenesis in Gloriosa superba L. - A plant in need of conservation
Nikhila, G.S, Sangeetha, G., Archana G. Nair, Pradeesh, S. and Swapna, T.S.

Detection of the heavy metal concentration of water in lower reaches of the Periyar river, Kerala
Nimisha, P. and Sheeba, S.

Isolation and characterization of biofilm producing bacteria from Periyar river, Kerala
Nisha.P., Saritha. K.V. and Anitmol Das.

Variations in community structure of phytoplankton in relation to physico-chemical nature of highly turbid seawater
Onkar S. Kotiwar

Species invasion and succession as community and ecosystem responses towards climate change in the rocky intertidal ecosystems of Kathiawar Peninsula
Paresh Poriya and Rahul Kundu

Moving towards zero waste: a case study from Kerala, India
Peter Ash, Anju Bist and Smitha Chandran

Recombinant outer membrane protein, OMP26LA of Vibrio anguillarum is an effective vaccine candidate
Poornima, M., Vijaya Kumar, R., Santiago, T.C. and Arasu, A.R.T.

Biochemistry of host parasite interaction - Cuscuta chinensis Lam. on Chromolaena odorata (L) King & h.e. Robins. A fundamental approach
Pradeep, D.P., Greeshma, G.M., Anil Kumar, V.S. and Murugan, K.

Haematopoiesis in the head kidney of freshwater eel, Anguilla bicolor bicolor (Mcclelland, 1844)
Prajeena, K.P., Prasad, G., Sindhu, M.I. and Deivasigamani, B.

Seasonal pools on lateritic plateaus: unique habitats of great diversity - A case study from Northern Kerala
Pramod, C., Pradeep, A.K. and. Harilal, C.C.

Genetic diversity determination in aquarium bred fresh water ornamental fish variety (Poecilia species) using RAPD molecular markers
Prasad M.P., and Rekha Sethi

Biodiversity of mangroves in estuarine ecosystems of Ratnagiri District
Pratap V. Naikwade, Ranjit B. Bansode, Sagar T. Sankpal and Bharati B. Jadhav

Waste management by composting and its effect on growth of Trigonella
Pratap V. Naikwade

Ex-situ conservation via direct de novo organogenesis from leaf segments of Embelia ribes Burm. F. A vulnerable medicinal plant in Western Ghats
Preetha, T.S., Hemanthakumar, A.S. and Krishnan, P.N.

A study on the physico-chemical parameters and diversity of phytoplanktons in Vellayani lake, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Priya Gopinath, T. and Ajit Kumar, K.G.

Diversity of Aquatic Insects (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera) in Kallar Stream and its Tributaries
Priyanka G.L.. and Prasad, G.

Studies on the compatibility of bacterial antagonists with common agrochemicals against Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae, the rice bacterial leaf blight pathogen
Purushothaman, S.M., Rehumath Niza, T.J. and Ravi, S.

Mandatory creation of human-free zones amidst the human habitations on earth
Puthan Veetil Yaseen

Avifaunal diversity of the Southern Western Ghats with special reference to Kaiga-Karwar region - A checklist
Puttaraju, K.

Comparison of haemolymph protein profiles between two silkworm breeds under temperature stress
Rajesh, G.K. and Justinkumar, J.

Land-use change pattern and bird diversity of Puliyampully watershed, Mundur Grama panchayath, Palakkad, Kerala
Rajeshkumar, N., Manimekalan, A. and Arun Kumar, A.A.

Antibiotic sensitivity and enzyme production of bioluminescent vibrio species isolated from squid and penaeid shrimp of Ponnani estuary
Ramina, P.P, Sabira K.M, and Razia Beevi. M.

Studies on the effect of plant aqueous extracts on the control of mosquito vectors
Rathy, M.C., Sajith, U. and Harilal, C.C.

Assessment of pollution status in river Achankovil, Kerala
Reeja Jose and Sanal Kumar, M.G.

DNA barcoding of selected ornamental fishes from Gulf of Mannar
Rejitha, B.T. and Madhusoodanan Pillai, P.

A checklist of snappers (family: Lutjanidae) from Indian waters
Rekha J. Nair, Dinesh Kumar, S., Somy Kuriakose and Praveen, P.

Antifungal activity of the ethanolic extracts of Marchantia linearis Lehm & Lindenb. Against some pathogenic fungi
Remya Krishnan, Kannan K.V. and Murugan, K.

Feeding habits and length-weight relationship of Nemacheilus triangularis (Day, 1865) from Kallar stream in Southern Western Ghat.
Sabu. K., Prasad, G. and Darsana, S.

Autecology of blood grass (Isachne miliacea Roth Ex Roem et. Schult.) in wetland rice ecosystem
Sajith Babu, D., Sansamma George and Nishan, M.A.

Effect of parasitic isopods in commercial marine fishes
Samuthirapandian Ravichandran and Ganapathy Rameshkumar

Environmental N.G.O's: inspecting the key roles and influences on sustainable development
Sandeep Kumar Dey and Mahender Reddy

Nutritional efficacy of Centella asiatica supplemented diet on Macrobrachium rosenbergii
Salini, M.P., Antony, A., Akhila Thomas and Jasmine Anand

Conservation of an anti inflammatory medicinal plant-Pseudarthria viscida (L) Wight and Arn. through rapid in vitro clonal propagation
Sangeetha, G., Nikhila, G.S., Archana, G. Nair, Pradeesh, S. and Swapna, T.S.

Impacts of macrophytes diversity and weed risk model in major fresh water bodies in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu
Saravanakumar, K.

Diversity of Cone snails (Mollusca: Conidae) along Kerala coast
Sary, P.S., Pramod Kiran, R.B., Balasubramanian, N.K. and Biju Kumar, A.

Organic management of cassava for sustainable yield and soil restoration
Seena Radhakrishnan, A.R., Suja, G. and Anish T. Anil

Ichthyofaunal diversity of Vattakkayal, a part of Ashtamudi lake, Kollam District, Kerala, South India
Seethal Lal, S., Jaya, D.S. and Sherly Williams E.

Environmental characterestics of Maniyar reservoir, Kerala
Sheenamol, S. and Anilakumary, K.S.

Biodiesel preparation and characterization from transesterification of Samadera indica oil having high fatty acids
Shereena, K.M

A study of the water resource management of Aruvikkara reservoir, Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala
Shibu Krishnan, K. and Ajit Kumar, K.G.

Land use management of the adjoining areas of a freshwater wetland using remote sensing and Geographic Information System
Shibu, K. and Nithya R. Govind

Impact of biogenic gold nanoparticle oral administration on Oreochromis mossambicus
Shine, F., Akhilathomas, A., Jayasree, S., Sameeda, Joice, S. George, Remya, C. and Shibu Joseph, S.T.

Climate change awareness, preparedness, adaptation and mitigation strategies: Fisherfolks perception in coastal Kerala
Shyam S. Salim, Kripa, V., Zachariah, P.U., Nivedita Shridhar and Ambrose, T.V.

Heavy metal contamination of water bodies near hospitals areas in and around Nagercoil town, Kanyakumari District
Shylasree, G.V. and Indirani, B.

Ecology of epifauna on Bryopsis plumosa (Hudson) C. Agardh (1823) in Mullur coast, Kerala
Shynu S. Prabha, Shibu, S. and Jayaprakas. V.

Macrobenthic polychaete distribution and abundance along the Arthunkal coast of Kerala, South west coast of India: Relationships to environmental variables
Sinu J. Varghese and Miranda, M.T.P.

Freshwater pond ecosystems and ichthyofaunal diversity of Lakshadweep islands, India
Sirajudheen, T.K. and Jazeer Khan, K.

Ichthyofaunal diversity associated with the rocky habitats of Thiruvananthapuram coast, Kerala, India
Sirajudheen, T.K. and Bijukumar, A.

Design, development and Economic Evaluation of Small and Decentralized waste water Treatment System
Sivacoumar, R., Latha, K. and Jayabalou, R.

Socio-economic flavours of Ethiopian coffee: Review
Sivakumar, K.P., Tigist Tarekegne, Uma Natarajan

A comparative evaluation of effluent characteristics of Travancore Titanium Products limited and Hindustan Lifecare limited, Thiruvananthapuram
Smitha Asok, V. and Howlath, R.

Role of information sources in developing environmental concerns of the stakeholders in rice farming
Smitha, K.P. and Anilkumar, A.

Morphological characteristics and influence of environment on phytolith of some members of woody dicotyledons
Sobha kumari, I. and Kumarasamy, D.

Food security and integrated fish farming
Souji, S.

Biodiversity as influenced by the invasive alien weed greater club rush (Scirpus grossus L.f ) in wetland rice ecosystem
Sreethu, G.S. and Sansamma George

Analysis of sludge dredging for heavy metals in two contaminated sites and possibility of sources contamination -a case study
Subha, M. and Srinivas, N.

Onstructed wetlands for water quality improvement, recycling and reuse
Sudarsan, J.S., Deeptha, V.T., Reenu Lizbeth Roy , Prathap M. Giri and Siddharth Kumar

Feed supplementation with marine yeast Candida MCCF 101 enhances fish health: assessed through haematological parameters
Sunitha Poulose and Bright Singh, I.S.

Direct and indirect benefits of paddy wetlands: The hidden cost involved
Susan Abraham and Biji Abraham

Response of upland rice to differential levels of irrigation, nutrients and seed priming
Usha C. Thomas, Kuruvilla Varughese and Allan Thomas

Evaluation of microorganism for the growth and performance of bittergourd
Susha S. Thara, Geethalakshmi, P.R. and Aparna, B.

Biodiversity of Ponnani Estuary, Kerala
Sushama, S.

Diversity of brachyuran crabs of Kavaratti island, Lakshadweep, with notes on two new reports
Suvarna Devi, S., Biju Kumar, A. and Ravinesh, R.

Endemic Ornamental fishes of Adda Hole, Kabbinale forest with reference to Western Ghats, Karnataka
Usha Anandhi, D. and Sharath, Y.G.

Dye degradation effect of an intergeneric hybrid between Ganoderma lucidum and Pleurotus florida
Usha Raja Nanthini, A., Mari Selvam, V. and Ranjit Singh, A.J.A.

Studies in some algicolous fungi inhabiting on two economically important algae Oscillatoria tenuis C. Agardh and Sargassum illicifolium (Turner) C. Agardh from Maharashtra (India)
Vaishali Shinde and Pawar, A.B.

Genetic diversity in oryza and its utilization
Veena Vighneswaran and Ambili S. Nair

Biodiversity in ERI silkworm Samia ricini (Donovan) genetic resources and its conservation
Velayudhan, K., Balachandran, N., RadhaKrishnan, S., Singh, B.K. and Jayaprakash, P.

Biomonitoring of freshwater macrophytes and benthic organisms to assess trace element contamination: A case study of river Cauvery Karnataka, India
Venkatesha Raju, K., Somashekar, R.K. and Prakash, K.L.

Phytoplankton as pollution indicators: A case study from wetland areas of Vembanad Lake adjacent to sea food processing facilities
Vidya, V., Sumathy, K. and Prasad, G.

Wetlands in north Bihar provide a basis to its sustainable development
Vidyanath Jha, Verma, A.B., Prajna Jha, Manishankar Jha and Rajeev Kumar

Seasonal variations in physico-chemical parameters of mangrove water, Kundapur, Southwest coast of India
Vijaya Kumar K.M. and Vijaya Kumara

Terrain exploration of a seventh order stream in Attingal municipality- a case study of Vamanapuram River Basin, Southern Kerala, India
Vinod Gopal, V., Ravinesh, R., Sabu Joseph and Biju Kumar, A.

An information communication and technology module on impact of microfinance on coastal indebtedness in Indian marine fisheries sector
Vipinkumar, V.P., Narayanakumar, R., Ramachandran, C., Shyam. S. Salim, Swathilekshmi, P.S and Johnson, B.

Culture of fresh water cladoceran Daphnia magna and its application in fish larviculture technology
Vishnu Nair, M.S. and Sherly Williams, E.