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2018 Journal Volume 6 Contents

Research Articles
Marine fauna of Odisha, east coast of India: An annotated checklist of historical data of 135 years
Pati, S.K., Swain, D., Sahu, K.C., Sharma, R.M. and Mohapatra, A.

Prevalence of multiple antibiotic resistant and extended spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) producing Escherichia coli in a traditional fishing harbour and surrounding water bodies in the south-west coast of India
Zubair, A.A., Razia Beevi, M. and Sureshkumar, S.

Six species of ascidians of the family didemnidae as new records to gulf of mannar, India
Senthamarai, S., Meenakshi, V.K. and Gomathy, S.

Seaweeds diversity of rocky reefs of southern Kerala coast, India
Baiju, P.T., Prabhakaran,M.P., Benno Pereira, F.G. and Jayaprakas, V.

Study on crispy and crunchy cookies enriched with solar dried Indian anchovy Stolephorus commersonii
Jeyanth Allwin, S.I., Hermina Giftson, Saritha, K., Jamila Patterson and Immaculate, J.K.

Antibacterial activity of a lectin isolated from marine sponge Axinella donnani
Ratheesh Sadanandan and Arun A. Rauf

Shell selection and utilization by the terrestrial hermit crab Coenobita rugosus in natural and laboratory conditions
Reshmi, R.,Biju Kumar, A. and Kurian Mathew Abraham

Assessing changes in length frequency composition of the migratory stock of putitor mahseer Tor putitora in the river alaknanda at Srinagar, India
Upendra Singh and Prakash Nautiyal

Short Communication
Association between the Zebra crab Zebrida adamsii White, 1847 and the Collector sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla(Linnaeus, 1758): report from Kerala coast, India
Suvarna S. Devi., Apsara Krishnan, S. and Promod Kiran, R.B.

Occurrence of two Turritellid shells (Mollusca: Gastropoda) along the Kerala coast, India
Sary, P.S. and Pramod Kiran, R.B.