Americorophium triaeonyx

Scientific Name:-
Americorophium triaeonyx

Common Name:-
Tube-dwelling amphipod

Malayalam Name:-




This animal is dull yellow in colour, found in coastal and estuarine ecosystems, often in tubes. They possess small, rounded and black eyes; 4-6 plumose setae on apex of 1st coxa; number of spines on outer margin of 4th peduncular article of female 2nd antenna 4-6; dactylus of gnathopod 2, tridentate; 2nd uropod longer than peduncle of uropod 1, uropod 3 uniramous and ramus rod like with 6 long median spines. The male is not distinctive, but the female is characterised by spines in antenna II, segment 4, which lie in a row of six or so along the lower edge and a row of two along the inner surface.



It is a hardy form and has been found to tolerate wide ranges in salinity (Shyamasundari, 1973).


Estuarine species distributed in Indian Ocean, Mozambique and South Africa. This pelagic and benthic species feeds on detritus.


Corophium triaenonyx Stebbing, 1904 (basionym)
Corophium crassicorne Walker 1904
Corophium crassicorne Chilton 1921


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