Monorcheides hafeezullahi

Scientific Name:-
Monorcheides hafeezullahi

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-




Digenean fish parasite infesting the intestine of the flatfish Psudorhombus troiocellatus. Body suboval, widest in hind body, slightly narrowing anteriorly, somewhat opaque, reddish in colour. Tegument spined up to the level of ovary. Eye spot pigment absent. Suckers poorly developed. Oral sucker rounded, subterminal. Ventral sucker slightly post-equtorial in position; sucker ratio, 1:1.11-1.18; distance between suckers, 867-900. Prepharynx short; pharynx oval, distinct. Caecal bifurca¬tion nearer to oral sucker than to ventral sucker; caeca slender, extending nearly of posterior end of the body, terminating blindly. Testes elliptical, symmetrically postequatorial, in posterior third of body. Genital pore median, pre-acetabular at midway between caecal bifurcation and ventral sucker. Cirrus sac large, proximal end of it situated slightly posterior to ventral sucker, containing oval seminal vesicle, short pars prostatica surrounded by numerous prostatic cells and long, protrusible cirrus armed with long, needle-like spines. Genital atrium unarmed. Ovary small, lobed, sub-median to right, between the testes. Re-ceptaculum seminis absent. Uterus voluminous, oc¬cupying all available space in postacetabular part of body, ultimately joining metraterm and metraterm sac at its distal part. Metraterm sac well differentiated, smaller than cirrus sac, divisible into two parts, pos-terior.



Recorded from the flatfish Psudorhombus troiocellatus.


Parasitic on marine fish Psudorhombus troiocellatus.




Biju Kumar, A. (997). Digenetic trematode parasites of the flatfishes (Pleuronectiformes) of the Kerala coast, India. Acta Parasitologica, 42(3): 149-157.

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