Atergatis reticulatus

Scientific Name:-
Atergatis reticulatus

Common Name:-
Pebble Crab

Malayalam Name:-
Undakkallu Njandu


Not evaluated


Carapace broader than long; smooth. Antero-lateral border being cut into four teeth; of which last two prominent. Presence of four tubercles in epigastric region behind the frontal region. The frontal margin is nearly straight with a feeble median fissure. Front with four spines having rounded tips; middle two bigger; remaining two small on either side in the inner angle of orbit. Carapace at the epibranchial angle has a tooth or a crest emphasized on the inside by a furrow. The carapace, chelipeds and pereiopods have their surfaces marked with rugosities forming an irregular reticulation. Chelipeds massive; unequal size; with crest on the superior margin of palm clearly defined and protruding. Dark pinkish in colour and the fingers blackish with white tips.


Not recorded


Bijukumar et al. (2007) and Sushilkumar (2013) recorded it from Kerala coast.


Sandy bottom and rocky intertidal areas


Cancer (Atergatis) reticulatus De Haan, 1835; Atergatis frontalis (not de Haan, 1835); Atergatis reticulatus Milne Edwards, 1865


Biju Kumar, A., M. Sushil Kumar., S.M. Raffi and S. Ajmal Khan (2007). Diversity of brachyuran crabs associated with trawl by-catch in Kerala coast, India. Ind.J. Fis. 54 (3): 283-290.
Sushilkumar, M. (2013). Diversity and proximate composition of brachyuran crabs in the trawl by-catch of Kerala coast. PhD Thesis submitted to University of Kerala, India.

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