Cryptopodia angulata

Scientific Name:-
Cryptopodia angulata

Common Name:-
Elbow crab

Malayalam Name:-
Kaimuttu Njandu


Not evaluated


Carapace convex and sharply pentagonal. Presence of large lateral clypeiform expansion of the carapace; completely concealing the pereiopods. All the edges of the carapace deeply dentate and all the angles form curved spines. Presence of deep triangular depression on the carapace. Front is modified into a single median triangular acuminate rostrum. Presence of well-developed chelipeds with inner and outer margins armed with sharp laciniate spines. Presence of a deep triangular depression on the dorsal surface of the carapace; bordered by granular lines. On either side of the branchial region, irregular patches of granules present. Presence of a line of granules passing forward from the tip of the triangular depression to the basal region of the rostrum on either side. Presence of acuminate spines on the inner and outer margins of the hand and arm of the chelipeds. Carpus of cheliped semi-globular. Excluding carpus, remaining portion of chelipeds have a triangular outline. The ventral surface of the body on the sternite and abdomen granulated. Carpus and lower margin of cheliped also granulated. Merus of the pereiopods carinate above whereas spinate-carinate below. The carpus and propodus of the pereiopods carinate. Rostrum acuminate and projects well beyond the front bearing a concave depression on the dorsal side. In live condition the specimen is pinkish brown in colour.


Not recorded


Bijukumar et al. (2007) and Sushilkumar (2013) recorded it from the trawl by-catch along Kerala coast.


Sandy and muddy


Cryptopodia angulata var. cippifer Alcock, 1895; Chopra, 1935


Biju Kumar, A., M. Sushil Kumar., S.M. Raffi and S. Ajmal Khan (2007). Diversity of brachyuran crabs associated with trawl by-catch in Kerala coast, India. Ind.J. Fis. 54 (3): 283-290.
Sushilkumar, M. (2013). Diversity and proximate composition of brachyuran crabs in the trawl by-catch of Kerala coast. PhD Thesis submitted to University of Kerala, India.

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