Jonas indicus

Scientific Name:-
Jonas indicus

Common Name:-
Jonas Crab

Malayalam Name:-
Jonas Njandu


Not evaluated.


Carapace longitudinally elliptical shaped. Presence of bidentate rostrum; almost in the same level with the spine of the inner angle of the orbits. Presence of an elongated spine in the inner lower angle of orbit. Dorsal surface of carapace granulated; set with clusters of granules. Rostrum bidentate; rostral spine almost in the level of spines in the inner angle of orbits. The antero-lateral border with 10 spines including the spine of the outer angle of the orbit. Presence of tuberculated spine in the mid dorsal line of carapace and one row each on either side of it. Chelipeds including the fingers densely covered with spiny hairs. Presence of a straight spine dorsally on the inner angle of the carpus of the cheliped. On the outer angle of the buccal cavern bears one spine each below those of the lower inner angle of the orbits. Presence of one spine each in the upper and lower angle of the merus of chelipeds. Pereiopods laterally compressed. A claw-like spine present on the posterior margin of the merus of the last pereiopods. Pereiopods on lateral borders equipped with spiny hairs. Spiny hairs present on the ventral surface of the body. Antenna elongated; equal to the length of the carapace and are densely covered with hairs. In live condition the specimen is pinkish white in colour.


Not recorded


Bijukumar et al. (2007) and Sushilkumar (2013) recorded it from the trawl by-catch along Kerala coast.


Muddy and Sandy.


Gomeza indicus Chopra, 1935.


Biju Kumar, A., M. Sushil Kumar., S.M. Raffi and S. Ajmal Khan (2007). Diversity of brachyuran crabs associated with trawl by-catch in Kerala coast, India. Ind.J. Fis. 54 (3): 283-290.
Sushilkumar, M. (2013). Diversity and proximate composition of brachyuran crabs in the trawl by-catch of Kerala coast. PhD Thesis submitted to University of Kerala, India.

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