Urashima lamellidentata

Scientific Name:-
Urashima lamellidentata

Common Name:-
Purse Crab

Malayalam Name:-
Purse Njandu


Not evaluated


Carapace rounded, globose. Front narrow, bilobed. Eyes small, retractible. Outer orbital margin trisutured, V-shaped gap proximally on ventral margin. Postorbital region concave. Hepatic, branchial regions demarcated by pitted grooves. Intestinal region swollen, demarcated by grooves. Posterior margin of carapace narrow, bilobate. Anterior margin of efferent branchial channel produced, bilobed, separated by narrow groove from lower orbital margin. Pterygostomian region with large pearliform tubercles. Chelipeds subequal. Cheliped merus subcylindrical; fingers laterally compressed, as long as upper margin of palm, inner margins denticulate. Pereiopods slender, prominently granulate, short; all but last dactyl as long as propodi; setose, tips corneous. Abdominal sulcus of male deep, nearly reaching buccal cavity, anterior margin raised. Abdominal segments 3-6 of male fused, basio-lateral regions inflated, fused segment narrowing distally, bearing long spur-like spike at distal margin; lateral margin carinate, carina fitting into groove at suture between sternites 4 and 5. Telson slender, nearly half as long as fused segment, not reaching tip of abdominal sulcus. Male first pleopod elongate, stocky, distally flattened, oar-like; second pleopod short, recurved, distally attenuate. The ventral surface of the carapace, the thoracic sterna, abdominal terga and external maxillipeds are all granular. Dorsal surface of carapace granulate, tuberculate, tubercles more pronounced posteriorly. Frontal lobes squat, rounded; closely, minutely granulate. Anterior margin of efferent branchial channel deeply sutured.


Not recorded


Bijukumar et al. (2013) and Sushilkumar (2013) recorded it from the trawl by-catch along Kerala coast.


Muddy and Sandy


Randallia lamellidentata Wood-Mason, 1892; Alcock, 1894; 1896; 1899; Kemp & Sewell, 1912; Urashima lamellidentata Galil, 2003


Biju Kumar, A., Sushil Kumar, M, and Galil, B.S. (2013). Calappid and leucosiid crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) from Kerala, India, with the description of a new species of Mursia Desmarest, 1823, from the Arabian Sea and redescription of M. bicristimana Alcock & Anderson, 1894. Zootaxa, 3746 (4): 529-551.
Sushilkumar, M. (2013). Diversity and proximate composition of brachyuran crabs in the trawl by-catch of Kerala coast. PhD Thesis submitted to University of Kerala, India.

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