Chiloscyllium griseum

Scientific Name:-
Chiloscyllium griseum

Common Name:-
Grey Bambooshark

Malayalam Name:-
Chara Mula Sravu


Classified as Near Threatened in IUCN Redlist of species.


Body and tail fairly stout; snout rounded anteriorly; no lateral ridges on trunk. Nostrils subterminal on snout; pre-oral snout long, mouth closer to eyes than snout tip; eyes and supraorbital ridges hardly elevated; no black hood on head or large spot or spots on sides of body above pectoral fins. Dorsal fins fairly large and rounded, somewhat smaller than pelvic fins, dorsals without projecting free rear tips; interdorsal space short, slightly greater than first dorsal base; first dorsal origin about over pelvic fin insertions; origin of anal fin slightly behind free rear tip of first dorsal, anal fin length from origin to free rear tip somewhat less than hypural caudal lobe from lower caudal origin to free rear tip. Caudal fin with a pronounced subterminal notch but without a ventral lobe. Colour: adults usually light brown, without a colour pattern, but young with prominent dark transverse bands.


In Kerala commonly caught in trawl nets (Biju Kumar and Deepti, 2009).


Found rarely in the coastal waters of Kerala coast. Recorded in fishing harbours as bycatch of trawlers.


A common inshore bottom shark , often found in estuaries


Chiloscyllium indicum var. obscurum Ogilby, 1888; Chiloscyllium obscurum Gray, 1851; Scyliorhinus unicolor Blainville, 1816


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