Anadara inaequivalvis

Scientific Name:-
Anadara inaequivalvis

Common Name:-
Inaequivalve ark

Malayalam Name:-
Ark kakka


Not Evaluated


Solid, heavy and inflated white shell strongly inequivalve in juveniles, less so in adults. Highly variable in shape, shell thickness and convexity of the valves. Shells are 70- 80 mm in length and up to 61 mm in height smooth and dark umbonal area in juveniles. Sculpture of 31 to 34 radial ribs. Taxodont hinge. Internal ventral margin strongly crenulate. Dark brown to black periostracum persistent. Under extreme conditions of salinity and temperature the shell becomes more fragile.


Not recorded


Cheriyan (1968) reported the occurrence of this shell from Cochin harbour area and subsequently by Kripa (2005) and Bijukumar (2012)


Prefers brackish lagoons. From inshore brackish waters to 30 m deep on sand, rocks, mud or sand. Euryhaline species that can withstand extreme conditions. Maximum occurrence corresponds to areas with salinity 30‰ and sandy seabeds.


Arca binakayanensis Faustino, 1932
Arca inaequivalvis Bruguière, 1789
Scapharca inaequivalvis (Bruguière, 1789)


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