Agaronia gibbosa

Scientific Name:-
Agaronia gibbosa

Common Name:-
Gibbous olive

Malayalam Name:-


Not Evaluated


Shell moderately large, stout, thick upto 60mm in height , fusiformly ovoid, surface smooth and highly polished; spire rather short, but acuminate, apex pointed; body whorl somewhat inflated, suture channelled. lower part of body whorl is generally sharply demarcated from the upper by an oblique spiral line Aperture rather wide, with slit-like posterior canal, columella with thick,dense and white callousity extending posteriorly to the penultimate whorl, anterior region of columella with oblique close set ridges smooth posteriorly, fasciole strong and raised. Aperture narrow and elongate. Posterior canal small and slit like. Anterior canal in the form of a semilunar notch. Colour pale yellowish brown with a prominent yellow band at the base, mottled with black spots,Sometimes whitish with zig zag transspiral brownish bands, spire and columella yellowish white, aperture bluish white.


Not reported


: Babu Philip and Appukuttan (1995), Bijukumar (2012) and Franklin and Laladhas (2014) recorded the presence of this species from Kerala.


Coastal, sandy bottom


Oliva gibbosa (Born, 1778)
Olivancillaria gibbosa (Born, 1778)
Voluta gibbosa Born, 1778 (original combination)


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