Architectonica perspectiva

Scientific Name:-
Architectonica perspectiva

Common Name:-
clear sundial

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated


Shell small to medium sized, 5-6cm in diameter; thick ; Spire depressed and conical; Base broad and flat, Aperture sub rhomboid outer lip sharply angulated; Whorls obliquely striated Three consecutive, continuous bands of brown, white and chocolate colour seen at the upper edge of each whorl. A distinct white slender groove is seen at the base of the body whorl; whorls inflated; each whorl with distinct rib at the lower edge; body whorl sharply angular; base faintly bulged with radial striations, Umbilicus deep; Colour: concentric bands of chocolate brown and white along sutures alternately coloured in brown and white; edges lighter in colour; Base fawn with brown dots on outer and inner ridge of plicate area, beads white and denticles stained brown


Not reported


Common Indo pacific; India:, The shell has been reported by Franklin and Laladhas (2014) name indexed in KSBB field guide, but no data on location and there is no figure. Philip and Appukuttan (1995) recrded the presence of this species in the trawl bycatch along sakthikulangara harbour, kerala coast. The species has also been documented in the book “Kerala theerathe Kadal jeevikal” by Bijukumar in 2012


Reef Associated, Sandy, Fine sandy bottom


Architectonica perspectiva fressa Iredale, 1936
Solarium (Architectonica) hanleyi G. B. Sowerby II in Hanley, 1863
Solarium (Architectonica) trisulcatum Jousseaume, 1876
Solarium australe Philippi, 1849
Solarium cumingii Hanley, 1862
Solarium formosum Hinds, 1844
Solarium fuliginosum Hinds, 1844
Solarium hanleyi G. B. Sowerby II in Hanley, 1863
Solarium incisum Philippi, 1849
Solarium maculatum Reeve, 1848
Solarium perspectivum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Solarium perspectivum var. heurni Bayer, 1940
Solarium striatum J.E. Gray, 1850
Solarium trisulcatum Jousseaume, 1876
Solarium zonatum Philippi, 1849
Trochus perspectivus Linnaeus, 1758


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