Babylonia spirata

Scientific Name:-
Babylonia spirata

Common Name:-
Spiral Babylon

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated


Shell large upto 70mm in height, smooth and heavy, body whorl inflated, spire high and elongate, sutures deep and channelled. Shoulders prominent; whorls inflated; columella smooth and heavily calloused; umbilicus broad, deep, and heavily calloused, fasciole wide, anterior canal in the form of oblique notch at the base of aperture, posterior canal well developed, aperture large, ovate, outer lip sharp and strongly flexed at the top, interior of aperture smooth and thickened; Colour white with prominent light brown blotches, oblique streaks and spots; aperture ,outer lip and columellar callus white, fasciole orange brown, tip of apex and aperture tinged blackish; fresh shells covered by light brown periostracum


Not reported


The species has been reported from Kerala coast by Bijukumar (2012) and Franklin and Laladhas (2014). This species is commercially exploited in large quantities for meat export from sakthikulangara and Neendakara harbours of Kollam district Kerala. Operculum of the species is also commercially important.




Ancilla pallida Perry, 1811
Babylonia hongkongensis Lai & Guo, 2010
Buccinum spiratum var. alborubra Spalowsky, 1795
Eburna chrysostoma G. B. Sowerby II, 1866
Eburna semipicta G. B. Sowerby II, 1866
Nassa canaliculata Schumacher, 1817


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