Babylonia zeylanica

Scientific Name:-
Babylonia zeylanica

Common Name:-
Indian Babylon

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated


Shell large upto 70mm in height, fusiform, less solid and with less inflated whorls, body whorl narrower than in Babylonia spirata, sutures not canaliculated, spire high ending in dark purple apex. Aperture dark, outer lip sharp and smooth, but not flexed at top, columella smooth with heavy broad callus posteriorly but narrow anteriorly, a strong parietal ridge almost close to the outer lip, umbilicus broadly open with a row of teeth on the outer margin, fasciole with aridge on the inner edge, anterior canal broad and deep, posterior canal not distinctsurface smooth, colour white with large brown blotches.


Not reported


The species is caught as a bycatch in shrimp trawlers at shakthikulangara and neendakara area. The meat and operculum of the species is commercially important. The species has been reported from coast of Kerala by Kurian (1953); Babu Philip and Appukuttan (1995); Rao (2003); Bijukumar (2012); and Franklin and Laladhas (2014).


Sandy, coastal


Buccinum giratum Röding, 1798


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