Bulla ampulla

Scientific Name:-
Bulla ampulla

Common Name:-
Pacific Bubble

Malayalam Name:-




Shell large, globose with inflated body whorl; spire sunken deeply. Shell surface smooth and polished, Aperture wide, extending almost the entire length of the shell, outer lip uniformly curved and extending posteriorly; continuous with columella; Colour creamy white profusely mottled brownish colour with scattered purplish brown blotches. Aperture and columella white. Operculum absent



The species has been reported from Kerala by Bijukumar(2012) and Franklin and Laladhas(2014). Rao (2003) has confirmed the presence of this species as common along both east and west coasts of India.


Intertidal or in shallow water mainly found in sandy mud


Bulla columellaris Menke, 1854;
Bulla columellaris var. bifasciata Menke, 1854;
Bulla columellaris var. vermiculata Menke, 1854
Bulla delorti Mabille, 1896;
Bulla trifasciata G. B. Sowerby II, 1868;
Bulla villosa Martyn, ; 1784 (Unavailable name (ICZN Opinion 456);
Bullaria ampulla (Linnaeus, 1758);
Quibulla selina Iredale, 1929


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