Donax faba

Scientific Name:-
Donax faba

Common Name:-
Rayed Wedge Shell

Malayalam Name:-


not evaluated


Size: Length 17.35-25.1 mm; height 11.35-18.21 mm; width 5.8-9.66 mm. Colour: Freckled white with red rays. Interior glossy white, with orange or purple irregular radiating bands. Triangularly ovate, compressed, inequilateral shell. Posteriorily placed pointed umbo. Anterior margin rounded; posterior margin short and truncated. Ligament brown colored, Lunule absent. In the left valve the cardinal area consists of triangular anterior tooth and a laminate posterior tooth. Laterals present, anterior lateral weak, whereas the posterior lateral distinct. In the right valve cardinal complex consists of a bifid tooth, laterals very distinct, provided with upper space to accommodate the laterals of the left valve. Adductor muscle scars well developed. Anterior adductor scar more or less triangular, posterior adductor scar rounded with elongated anterior ends. Sinus equal on both the valves. Sinus rises from posterior adductor scar and extends upward with rounded anterior end and convex ventral end, falls obliquely to the pallial line and in confluence with it.


not recorded



Sandy, Coastal inter tidal sandy slopes. Most common in wave-beaten areas, migrating up and down the beach with the tide. Preyed upon by crabs and birds during migration.


Donax faba Schroeter 1788
Donax (Latona) faba SubbaRao and Dey 1986
Donax faba Chemintz 1782
Donax radiata Schroeter 1786
Donax deshayesii Dunker 1853
Donax (Latona) faba Roemer 1870
Donax faba Satyamurti 1956


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