Donax scortum

Scientific Name:-
Donax scortum

Common Name:-
Wedge clam

Malayalam Name:-


not evaluated


Size: Length 23.24-79.4 mm; Height 15.95-46.34 mm; Width 11-34.15 mm. Colour: Dirty white, violet in the posterior region. Shell triangularly oblong and gibbous. Umbos posterior, elevated and pointed. Anterior margin convex; posterior margin convex with a depressed notch, short and pointed; anterior-dorsal margin straight and gradually sloped with a sharp canal at the side; posterior-dorsal margin slightly concave. Sculpture with prominent concentric striae, lamellae-like on the anterior end, thinner on the posterior, squamately spinose on the angle. Prominent radial striae originated from umbos in divergent manner. Ligament short, dark brown color. Lunule very prominent, wide and equal on both the valves. In the left valve the cardinal complex consists of a thick anterior tooth and a thin laminated posterior tooth; lateral well developed; posterior lateral stronger than anterior and more prominent than the cardinal complex. In the right valve the cardinal complex consists of a nob-like bifid cardinal tooth; laterals poorly developed and form a groove to accommodate the lateral teeth of the left valve to form ball and socket joint. Adductor muscle scars present. Anterior adductor scar elongated, semilunar shaped and posterior adductor almost rectangular shaped. Sinus equal on both valves, sinus rises from base of a posterior adductor scar straight and extends upto the half of the shell, with rounded anterior end and falls obliquely to the pallial line and in confluence with it.


Not recorded



Typically found in coastal waters of depth up to 196 meters (0 to -643 feet).


Venus scortum Linnaeus, 1758


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