Dardanus lagopodes

Scientific Name:-
Dardanus lagopodes

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-

Hermit crabs

Not evaluated


Carapace mottled red and white, anterior portion with purplish-red patch. Ocular peduncles yellowish-brown with yellow band distally near corneas. Antennal and antennular peduncles light blue, with antennular flagellum orange. Chelipeds mottled red, brown, maroon and white; chelae reddish to maroon on fingers and palm, carpi red-brown with large purplish-blue patch dorsally, meri also red-brown and white. Ambulatory legs reddish-brown to maroon, mottled with patches of pale violet; carpi reddish–brown dorsally with purplish-blue patch on segments. Setae red with cream tips. Shield longer than broad with rostrum rounded; carapace depressed. Ocular peduncles long, slender, sub-cylindrical and broadened distally, overreaching both antennal and antennular peduncles. Ocular acicle subtriangular or subquadrate with 3-4 spines at distal margin. Antennular peduncle longer than antennal peduncle. Antennal acicle overreaching the proximal margin of the ultimate peduncular segment terminating in a single spine and with 3-4 spines mesially. Chelipeds subequal, left not appreciably longer than right. Upper and outer surface of palm of left chelae with acute spines. Right cheliped also with tubercles on upper surface of chela. Third pereopod with dactyls and propodus of nearly equal length, dorsal and ventral margin of each with row of strong corneous-tipped spines or tubercles. Dactyls with a median longitudinal groove on the lateral face while that of propodus is weakly concave. Carpi of both pereopods with a strong dorsodistal spine. Chelipeds and ambulatory legs are usually covered with long, stiff setae all over the segments. Telson asymmetrical; left lobe larger, each lobes with corneous ventrally directed 6-7 spines.


Not recorded


It was first reported from Kerala coast by Reshmi and Bijukumar (2013).


Coastal waters.


Cancer lagopodes Forskal, 1775: 93; Pagurus sanguinolentus Quoy & Gaimard, 1824: 532, pl. 79, fig. 2; Pagurus affinis H. Milne Edwards, 1836: 274; Pagurus euopsis Dana, 1852b: 452; Pagurus depressus Heller, 1861: 248; Dardanus Hellrii Paul’son, 1875: 90, pl. 12, fig. 4, 4a-c; Dardanus euopsis – Maki & Tsuchiya, 1923: 98, pl. 8, fig. 4; Dardanus sanginolentus – Forest, 1956: 49; Dardanus affinis – Gordan, 1956:644, fig.1081; Dardanus lagopodes – Lewinsohn, 1969: 32, pl. 2, figs.1, 2.


Reshmi, R. and Bijukumar A. 2013. New report of the hermit crabs Dardanus lagopodes (Forskal, 1775), Paguristes miyakei Forest & Mclaughlin, 1998 and Oncopagurus monstrosus (Alcock, 1894) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura) From The Indian Coast. Records of Zoological Survey of India, 113(Part-1): 197-201.

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