Marcia opima

Scientific Name:-
Marcia opima

Common Name:-
Venus Shell

Malayalam Name:-


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Shell grows to a maximum size of 45mm. Small, thick, solid and flattened shell with glossy surface. Shell covered by a thin periostracum in live conditions. Prosogyrate umbo. Prominent and deeply depressed lunule. Shell sinupalliate. Fine concentric striations present on the shell surface. Yellowish brown or straw coloured shell, spotted and rayed with undulating concentric purplish grey markings. 3-4 radial bands radiate from the umbo. Inner surface of the shell white. Hinge plate with three teeth. Anterior lateral teeth absent in left valve but corresponding depression present on right valve.


not recorded



Sandy and muddy bottoms, prefers brackish water.


Tapes ceylonensis G. B. Sowerby II, 1852
Venus gravida Röding, 1798
Venus nebulosa Gmelin, 1791
Venus opima Gmelin, 1791
Venus pinguis Chemnitz, 1782
Venus triradiata Gmelin, 1791


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