Meretrix casta

Scientific Name:-
Meretrix casta

Common Name:-
Yellow clam

Malayalam Name:-
Manja kakka


Not evaluated


Ovate shell. Thick and horny periostracum when removed exposes a polished yellow shell. Anterior and posterior lateral teeth present. Long posterior lateral tooth. Elongate and strong hinge. Shallow pallial sinus.


Not recorded


Pea crabs is known to infest these clams and cause damage to the soft parts. Meretrix casta is widely used as a cheap source of protein, raw material for manufacturing lime.


Estuarine, subtidal


Corbicula satparaënsis Preston, 1914
Cytherea crassa Gray, 1825
Cytherea impudica Lamarck, 1818
Cytherea ovum Hanley, 1845
Meretrix exilis Römer, 1865
Venus casta Gmelin, 1791
Venus creplini Dunker, 1852


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