Euprymna berryi

Scientific Name:-
Euprymna berryi

Common Name:-
Humming-bird bobtail squid

Malayalam Name:-
Cheru Kanava


Not evaluated


Fresh specimens whitish with numerous black to brown chromatophores over the mantle, head, arms and arm crown (Fig. 18a); fins devoid of chromatophores except for a small portion on bases. Specimens preserved in formalin pale yellowish brown with clear chromatophores. Small sized species. Mantle short, stout, saccular and rounded posteriorly. Mantle and head united by dorsal commissure in the nuchal region; head free from the mantle opening except for connective commissure. Fins semi-circular in outline and originate at the middle of the mantle on the dorsal side. Anterior margin of fin pronounced and auriculate, posterior margin nearly straight, non auriculate. Funnel long and tubular and reaching the base of the ventral arms; its proximal portion covered by the mantle; funnel valve short and triangular. Arms long, slender and subequal in length. Arm formula II>III>IV>I. Arm suckers tetraserial. Protective membrane not well developed on arms and web present between III and IV arms. In males the left dorsal arm hectocotylised. The tentacles stout, stem rounded. Swimming keel of clubs extends well beyond carpus. Club suckers extremely numerous, minute, elongated and goblet shaped giving it a swab-like appearance. Pair of bean-shaped light organs present on the ink sac. Gladius absent.


Not recorded


E. berryi is not exploited commercially because of their small size, scattered distribution and relatively poor quality of flesh


Pelagic, coastal.



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