Euprymna morsei

Scientific Name:-
Euprymna morsei

Common Name:-
Mimika bobtail squid

Malayalam Name:-
Cheru Kanava


Not evaluated


Fresh specimens whitish with numerous large and conspicuous purplish brown chromatophores on mantle, head and arms; chromatophores more dense on dorsal side than ventral; fins devoid of chromatophores except for a small portion on bases. Specimens preserved in formalin pale brown with clear chromatophores. Small sized species. Mantle short, broad, saccular and rounded posteriorly; mantle and head united by dorsal commissure in the nuchal region; head free from the mantle opening except for connective commissure. Fins rounded, semi-circular in outline. Funnel long and tubular, reaching the base of the ventral arms; funnel valve short, triangular. Arms long, slender and subequal in length; arm formula II>III>IV>I. Arm suckers tetraserial. In males the left dorsal arm hectocotylised, sucker pedicles enlarged and tightly packed to form 2 double rows of columnar structures; proximal end of the arm with single nipple like papilla present. Tentacular club suckers extremely numerous, minute, spherical or cup-shaped. Pair of bean-shaped light organs present on ink sac. Gladius absent.


Not recorded


: It is caught on a very small scale from Kerala coast and occurs primarily as bycatch.




Euprymna similis (Sasaki, 1913); Inioteuthis morsei Verrill, 1881


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