Uroteuthis edulis

Scientific Name:-
Uroteuthis edulis

Common Name:-
Swordtip squid

Malayalam Name:-
Vaalvaalan Koonthal


Not evaluated


Fresh specimens pale reddish brown with numerous brown coloured chromatophores scattered all over the dorsal and ventral mantle, head, arms and fins. Mantle elongate, cylindrical anteriorly and tapering posteriorly to a blunt point. A longitudinal ridge present along the ventral midline. Fins large rhombic with anterior margin slightly convex, posterior margin slightly concave and lateral angles rounded. Head small; head width narrower than the mantle width. A strong pit-like excavation present on the ventral side in between the eye lobes to accommodate the free end of the funnel. Eyes prominent. Buccal lappet with several small suckers. Arms moderately long; arm formula variable III>IV>II>I or III>II>IV>I. Suckers biserial, oblique and of medium size, slightly larger in males. Left ventral arm hectocotylized in males. Tentacles moderately long and slender, tentacular clubs expanded and lanceolate. Club suckers quadriserial; median suckers larger than lateral ones. Club sucker ring with 30–42 sharp conical teeth, 20–30 small teeth, interspersed between 10 large teeth. Arm sucker rings bears up to a 9–10 long slender, squared, conical flat-toped teeth on the distal margin, proximal margin smooth or slightly irregularly denticulate. Gladius long and moderately narrow, 6–7 times longer than wide.


Not recorded


A commercially valuables species in India (Silas, 1985), occurring in two morphoforms (Sreeja, 2013).


Neritic species occurring in 30–170 m depth


Loligo edulis Hoyle, 1885; Loligo kensaki Wakiya and Ishikawa, 1921; Loligo budo Wakiya and Ishikawa, 1921; Loligo kensaki Wakiya and Ishikawa, 1921; Loligo edulis nagaskensis Sasaki, 1929; Photololigo edulis Natsukari,1984


Silas, E. G. (Ed.) (1985). Cephalopod bionomics, fisheries and resources of the exclusive economic zone of India. Bull. Cent. Mar. Fish. Res. Inst., 37: 195pp.
Sreeja, V. (2013). Taxonomy and diversity of cephalopods (Mollusa: Cephalopoda) of Kerala coast. PhD Thesis submitted to University of Kerala, India.

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