Conus textile

Scientific Name:-
Conus textile

Common Name:-
Textile cone / Cloth of Gold cone

Malayalam Name:-


Least concern category of IUCN


Shell medium sized, strong, light weighted; spire moderately elevated; body whorl prominent with rounded shoulders; surface smooth; ornamented with large and small overlapping blotches of white; spiral striations fainting towards base of body whorl; spire straight; apex bluntly pointed; aperture narrow at posterior end; columella straight; periostracum thin and pale yellowish


Not reported


: Bijukumar (2012) and Franklin and Laladhas (2014) recorded the occurrence of this species along Kerala coast


inter tidal; shallow sub tidal; sandy substrates


Conus (Cylinder) textile Linnaeus, 1758
Conus archiepiscopus Hwass in Bruguière, 1792
Conus cholmondeleyi Melvill, 1900
Conus communis Swainson, 1840
Conus concatenatus Kiener, 1850
Conus corbula G. B. Sowerby II, 1858
Conus dilectus Gould, 1850
Conus euetrios G. B. Sowerby III, 1882
Conus eumitus Tomlin, 1926
Conus gloriamaris Perry, 1810
Conus panniculus Lamarck, 1810
Conus reteaureum Perry, 1811
Conus sirventi Fenaux, 1943
Conus suzannae van Rossum, 1990
Conus textile archiepiscopus Hwass in Bruguière, 1792
Conus textile dahlakensis da Motta, 1982
Conus textile var. euetrios G. B. Sowerby III
Conus textile var. loman Dautzenberg, 1937
Conus textile var. ponderosa Dautzenberg, 1932 (invalid: junior homonym of Conus quercinus var. ponderosa G.B. Sowerby, 1858)
Conus textilinus Kiener, 1847 (synonym of Conus textile archiepiscopus)
Conus tigrinus G. B. Sowerby II, 1858
Conus undulatus [Lightfoot], 1786
Conus verriculum Reeve, 1843
Cucullus auratus Röding, 1798
Cucullus auriger Röding, 1798
Cucullus gloriamaris Röding, 1798
Cylinder textile (Linnaeus, 1758)
Darioconus textilis
Darioconus textilis osullivani Iredale, 1931


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