Comanthina schlegeli

Scientific Name:-
Comanthina schlegeli

Common Name:-
Variable Bushy Feather Star / Yellow Feather Star

Malayalam Name:-
Thooval Nakshathram




Brightly coloured forms with comparatively larger size occurring in different colour varities- yellow to golden and brown to black. First brachial pinnule always on the second arm segment. Proximal pinnules very flexible and terminal combs present on all the oral pinnules. Dorsal processes absent on the basal segments of the proximal pinnules. Mouth near the margin (exocyclic digestive system) and anus in the centre of the tegmen. Secundibrachs and tertibrachs present. Syzygy not present within the first branching series (IBr) and the following axillaries. Most axillaries bear two arms or two division series. Cirri very few in number, 20-28 and their distal segments smooth dorsally. Up to 50-75 arms and the ambulacral grooves absent in some of the arms.


Not recorded


Commonly found in the coastal waters of India


Shallow waters


Actinometra schlegelii Carpenter, 1881; Comanthina schlegelii (Carpenter, 1881); Actinometra duplex Carpenter, 1888; Actinometra regalis Carpenter, 1888; Comanthus callipeplum H. L Clark, 1915


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