Goniodiscaster forficulatus

Scientific Name:-
Goniodiscaster forficulatus

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-
Kadal Nakshathram




Reddish brown coloured specimen with oral side pale. Arms narrow, pointed at their tips and of moderate length providing stellate appearance. Dorsal side slightly convex and ventral side flat. Aboral skeleton compact. Supero-marginals and infero-marginals prominent and of same size. Supero-marginals slightly raised and infero-marginals slightly projecting outward in the interradial region. Abactinal plates rounded with small pore areas in between. Some abactinal plates on the disc posses small conical tubercles or spines. Madreporite near the centre of the disc with size same as that of primary plates. Marginals and actinals thickly covered by coarse granules and devoid of spines. Ambulacral grooves with two rows of suckered podia.


Not recorded


Commonly found in the coastal waters of India


Shallow waters up to a depth of 30m.


Goniodiscus forficulatus (Perrier, 1875)


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