Echinodiscus auritus

Scientific Name:-
Echinodiscus auritus

Common Name:-
Yellow sea pancake

Malayalam Name:-
Kadal cake




Purple coloured dorsal side and ventral side light coloured. Flat, thin edged, discoidal test, slightly broader than long, with a posterior stalk like structure. Test perforated with two rounded and elongated holes-lunules in the posterior paired ambulacra which open at the edge. Distinct petaloids aboraly and branching furrows oraly. Petaloid ambulacra small, closed distally and slightly raised towards the apex. Frontal petal slightly longer than others. Apical system with a central poriferous madreporite and 4 genital pores. Interambulacra generally discontinuous on the oral surface and end with two small plates on aboral surface. Oral ambulacral furrows bifurcating into lateral branches extending almost to the edge of the test. The membraneous layer, periproct located near the margin on the oral side in the posterior interambulacrum, half-way to the posterior margin. Tubercles uniform on the test surface. Primary spines with expanded tips form a velvet coat on the test surface aborally. Miliary spines of similar size. Mouth supported by broad low lying lantern.


Not recorded.


This species was reported from Kerala coast by Kurian (1953), Jayakumari (2004), and James (2007).


Continental shelf


Amphiope (Tetrodiscus) auritus (Leske, 1778); Scutella aurita (Leske, 1778); Lobophora aurita (Leske, 1778); Echinodiscus inauritus Leske, 1778; Echinus auritus (Leske, 1778); Scutella inaurita (Leske, 1778); Tetrodiscus auritus (Leske, 1778); Lobophora bifissa (Audouin, 1806); Scutella bifissa Audouin, 1806; Tetrodiscus rumphi Lambert & Thiery, 1914; Echinodiscus auritus Clark and Rowe, 1971


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