Auletta elongata

Scientific Name:-
Auletta elongata

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated


Body stalked with tubular branches. Branches grow in bushy pattern or in one plane. Fusion, partial or complete, may also produce irregularly massive body form. Diameter of branches may vary from 4-9mm and the thickness of the wall, 2mm on an average. Colour varies from pink to orange when alive. Texture is firm but compressible with good resiliency. Oscules are terminal on branches, circular and 3-5mm in diameter. Surface minutely conulose at places and are conules supported by terminal parts of main fibres. Main skeleton consists of stout spicular fibres running length-wise through the inner part of the wall. The axial fibres orginate from the main fibres and end in the surface.


Not recorded


Biju Kumar (2012) recorded it from Kerala coast.


Coastal, Reef-associated.


Acanthella elongata (Dendy, 1905)


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