Callyspongia (Cladochalina) diffusa

Scientific Name:-
Callyspongia (Cladochalina) diffusa

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated


Body erect, tubular, flabellate or even repent in form; branches are 5-10mm in diameter. Colour is violet when alive; Compressible consistency with good resiliency. This species may also show a tendency to incorporate pebbles etc. into their body. Oscules are scattered irregularly or marginal and serial; diameter upto 5mm and compound. Pores minute, one per mesh. Surface is reticulated and hispid, and this hispidity is due to the presence of vertically arranged oxeas from the surface. Main fibres and connectives are quite distinct. The main fibres are coarse and multispicular with diameter upto 0.1mm. Connectives are also multispicular, diameter up to 0.05mm. Spicules: (1) Oxeas. Size, 0.063-0.118×0.002-0.009mm.


Not recorded


Biju Kumar (2012) recorded it from Kerala coast.


Coastal, Reef-associated.


Callyspongia (Callyspongia) multiformis var. manaarensis (Dendy, 1889)
Callyspongia diffusa (Ridley, 1884)
Ceraochalina ceylonica (Dendy, 1905)
Ceraochalina retiarmata (Dendy, 1905)
Chalinopora lamella (Lendenfeld, 1887)
Cladochalina diffusa (Ridley, 1884)
Pachychalina diffusa (Ridley, 1884)
Pachychalina multiformis var.manaarensis (Dendy, 1889)


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