Cliona celata

Scientific Name:-
Cliona celata

Common Name:-
Red Boring Sponge

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated


The sponge appears yellow or orange lump, is a cosmopolitan species, makes round holes up to 5 cm in diameter in limestone or the shells of molluscs, especially oysters. Recognizable by sight alone if massive form, the colour and inhalant sieve-like openings are distinctive. Body composed of a large open network of branches; the meshes irregularly angulated, frequently five or six sided, and occasionally half an inch wide; the branches stout, distinctly nodulus and generally depressed: papillae large, some measuring 1/16th of an inch in diameter; for the most part in a single row along the branches, but penetrating the surface of the matrix without much apparent order, and placed rather far apart from each other: terminal twigs rather short, delicate, almost linear, and generally bifurcated. Spicula very long, measuring upwards of 1/50th of an inch in length, a little bent, not particularly stout, and sometimes slightly inclined to fusiform, but tapering pretty gradually to a sharp point at one end: the other furnished with a well-defined globular head approaching to ovate with generally a terminal point.


Not recorded


Biju Kumar (2012) recorded it from Kerala coast.


Coastal, Reef-associated


Cliona alderi (Hancock, 1849)
Cliona angulate (Hancock, 1849)
Cliona celata var. linearis (Sollas, 1878)
Cliona clio (Nardo, 1839)
Cliona coccinea (Nardo, 1839)
Cliona globulifera (Hancock, 1867)
Cliona gorgonioides (Hancock, 1849)
Cliona griffithsii (Bowerbank, 1866)
Cliona hystrix (Johnston, 1842)
Cliona pasithea (Nardo, 1839)
Cliona sulphurea (Desor, 1851)
Cliona tenebrosus (Bowerbank, 1882)
Cliona terebrans (Duvernoy, 1840)
Cliona typica (Nardo, 1833)
Halichondria celata (Grant, 1826)
Halichondria hystrix (Johnston, 1842)
Hymeniacidon celata (Grant, 1826)
Hymeniacidon celatus (Grant, 1826)
Hymeniacidon tenebrosus (Bowerbank, 1882)
Pione typical (Nardo, 1833)
Raphyrus griffithsii (Bowerbank, 1866)
Rhaphyrus griffithsii (Bowerbank, 1866)
Sponia peziza (Bosc, 1802)
Spongia sulphurea (Desor, 1851)
Spngia terebrans (Duvernoy, 1840)
Suberites griffithsii (Bowerbank, 1866)
Vioa celata (Grant, 1826)
Vioa clio (Nardo, 1839)
Vioa coccinea (Nardo, 1839)
Vioa dujardini (Nardo, 1844)
Vioa pasithea (Nardo, 1839)
Vioa typical (Nardo, 1833)


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