Bulweria fallax

Scientific Name:-
Bulweria fallax

Common Name:-
Jouanin's Petrel

Malayalam Name:-

Sea/Shore birds

Currently considered Near Threatened by the IUCN Redlist. This species is listed as Near Threatened because it is suspected to have a moderately small range.


Head is black and eyes are brown. Body dark brown all over with a more blackish throat and back. Legs are pink and bill is black. Wedge-shaped tail. Size 30–32 cm; wingspan 76–83 cm.


Not recorded


Its foraging areas are poorly known, but presumably related to highly productive areas of oceanic upwelling. It flies low, taking food from the surface of sea, probably mainly plankton e.g. fish eggs, ctenophores and polychaete worms. Bulweria fallax is a poorly known species of the north-west Indian Ocean, occurring widely offshore in the Arabian Sea and Gulfs of Aden and Oman. From Kerala sightings of this species was recorded by Sashikumar et al. (2011), Karuthedathu et al. (2012) and Praveen, (2013).


Pelagic. Frequents open sea.



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