Nassarius graphiterus

Scientific Name:-
Nassarius graphiterus

Common Name:-
Nassa mud snail

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated Photo courtesy: marine species.org


shell small; elongately ovate in shape; body whorl prominently inflated; spire pointed; sculpture of early whorls composed of closely set axial ribs, other whorls provided with smooth nodules just below the suture; base of body whorl provided with strong spiral striations; prominent axial ribs (4 to 6) seen on dorsal side of outer lip; aperture not very large, moderate in size; outer lip conspicuously lirate on the interior; columella heavily calloused; margin of columella provided with denticles; anterior canal deep; posterior canal broad and open; colour whitish gray, ornamented with brownish lines; dark brown spots seen near suture; aperture purplish brown


not reported


Bijukumar (2012) recorded the occurrence of this species from Kerala coast


Intertidal; weedy and muddy sandy substrates


Nassa (Alectryon) lurida Gould, 1850
Nassa (Telasco) dispar A. Adams, 1852
Nassa (Zeuxis) lurida Gould, 1850
Nassa dispar A. Adams, 1852
Nassa graphitera Hombron & Jacquinot, 1848 (original combination)
Nassa lurida Gould, 1850
Nassarius (Telasco) luridus (Gould, 1850)
Nassarius luridus (Gould, 1850)


Biju Kumar, A. 2012. ‘Kerala Theerathe Kadal Jeevikal’ (Marine Animals of Kerala coast- A Field Guide). Kerala State Biodiversity Board, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, 304 pp. (In Malayalam)

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