Amorphinopsis foetida

Scientific Name:-
Amorphinopsis foetida

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated


Sponge morphology is variable having been reported as encrusting, massive or irregularly spherical. Colour also varies having pale green externally and pale white internally when alive. The species is hard with slightly compressible consistency. Oscules are scattered, with or without oscular tubes and diameter range from,1-3mm and it is compound. Surface is minutely hispid and reticulated. Dermal skeleton of oxeas in reticulation, dermal bands ornamented with small styles; meshes may be triangular or polygonal. Main skeleton is a dense reticulation of oxeas; and sponging content is sparse. The bands of the main skeleton expand towards the outer part and support the dermal skeleton or add to the hispidity of the surface.


Not recorded




Hymeniacidon foetida Dendy, 1889
Leucophloeus foetidus (Dendy, 1889)
Prostylissa foetida (Dendy, 1889)


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