Xema sabini

Scientific Name:-
Xema sabini

Common Name:-
Sabine's Gull / Fork-Tailed Gull

Malayalam Name:-

Sea/Shore birds

Least Concern


A small gull, with length 27 to 33 cm. Wings are long, thin and pointed with a span of between 81 to 87 cm. This species is easy to identify through its striking wing pattern. The adult has a pale grey back and wing coverts, black primary flight feathers and white secondaries. The white tail is forked. The male's hood darkens during breeding season. Young birds have a similar tricoloured wing pattern, but the grey is replaced by brown, and the tail has a black terminal band. Bill black with yellow tip. Winter plumage: Grayish wash on crown, nape, and sides of breast. Crown whiter and with brownish gray patches on hind neck.


Not recorded


Sabine's Gull breeds in the arctic and has a circumpolar distribution. This species is a long-distance migrant and migrates offshore between its breeding and wintering grounds (del Hoyo et al. 1996). Rare records from Kerala (Sashikumar et al., 2011).




Larus sabini Sabine, 1819


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