Chroicocephalus genei

Scientific Name:-
Chroicocephalus genei

Common Name:-
Slender-billed Gull

Malayalam Name:-

Sea/Shore birds

Least Concern


Length 37 to 40 cm, wingspan 90 to 40,102 cm (35.4 to 15,788.2 in) wingspan. Pale grey body, white head and breast and black tips to the primary wing feathers. The head and dark red bill have an elongated tapering appearance, and this bird also appears long-necked. The legs are dark red, and the iris is yellow. In summer, the breast has a faint pink colouration. This bird takes two years to reach maturity, as is usual in gulls. First year immature birds have a black terminal tail band, and dark areas on the wings.


Not recorded


It flies a few metres above the surface of the water and dives into the water when it sees suitable prey. It also probes in the mud with its beak and feeds on marine invertebrates. It also catches insects in flight. Rare records from Kerala (Sashikumar et al., 2011).


Not a pelagic species, and is rarely seen far from land.



Sashikumar,C., Praveen, J. Palot, M.J., Nameer, P.O. 2011. Birds of Kerala: status and distribution. DC Books, Kottayam.

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