Erugosquilla woodmasoni

Scientific Name:-
Erugosquilla woodmasoni

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-

Mantis shrimps

Not evaluated


Body uniform pale grey-green. Median and submedian carinae of carapace and orange-red. Lateral borders of the rostral plate are also orange-red in colour. Pre-lateral, lateral and intermediate carinae of teeth yellowish. Median carina and teeth of telson are orange-red in colour. Distal part of endopod and exopod of uropod is darkly coloured. Postero-lateral part of the carapace is broad. Antero-lateral processes of the carapace prominent. Gastric grooves of the carapace are distinct and spread along the entire length of the carapace. Cervical groove contacting the lateral carinae of the carapace. Carapace postero-laterally rounded. Intermediate carinae of the carapace short. Median carina indistinctly bifurcated. Exposed thoracic somites with unarmed submedian and intermediate carinae. Lateral process of the fifth somite bilobed. Anterior lobe shows an upwardly directed blunt spine. Another lobe of the lateral process of the seventh segment is relatively small and triangular. Eyes are large and cornea bilobed. Rostum is broader than long. Telson as long as or slightly broader than long, dorsal surface with several rows of pits converging towards the lateral borders. Denticles of telson rounded; post anal keel present.


Not recorded


This species is reported from the Kerala coast by Sreelatha (1989) and Bijukumar (2012).


Sand and mud substrates and coastal waters up to 50m.


Oratosquilla jakartensis Moosa, 1975; Oratosquilla tweediei Manning, 1971; Oratosquilla woodmasoni (Kemp, 1911); Squilla wood-masoni Kemp, 1911


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