Harpiosquilla harpax

Scientific Name:-
Harpiosquilla harpax

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-

Mantis shrimps

Not evaluated


Colour light grey-brown with slightly mottled appearance. Carinae and grooves of carapace, and posterior margins of body somites black-brown. AS6 with dark-green carinae. Telson with median carina and carinae of primary teeth green; median carina with proximal pair of dark spots. Uropodal endopod black-brown distally. Uropodal exopod with inner half black-brown, but with demarcation between inner and outer halves diffuse. Submedian spots on telson are dark but faint. Two dark spots are seen on either side of the median carina of telson. Rostral plate longer than broad; triangular to cordiform; usually with slender median projection; margins sinuous. Carapace with median carina. Raptorial claw dactylus with 8 teeth, outer margin strongly angular in adult males. TS8 sternal keel rounded, inclined posteriorly. AS1–5 with indistinct or near absent submedian carinae. Telson median carina proximally with diffuse dark patch on either side of midline; with marginal carina less than to greater than twice lateral carina length, usually exceeding twice lateral carina length. Uropodal exopod distal segment dark on inner half only.


Not recorded


This species is reported from the Kerala coast by Sreelatha (1989) and Bijukumar (2012).


Benthic, up to 100m.


Harpiosquilla malagasiensis Manning, 1978; Harpiosquilla paradipa Ghosh, 1987; Squilla harpax de Haan, 1844


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