Quollastria gonypetes

Scientific Name:-
Quollastria gonypetes

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-

Mantis shrimps

Not evaluated


Dorsal part light brown with scattered dark chromatophores over entire surface. Rostral plate with orange red margins. Carapace with dark carinae and grooves; median carina, gastric grooves and median posterior margin red. Eyes darkly coloured. All the carinae are pink including the carina of telson, rostral plate and uropod. The second and fifth abdominal somite bears a reddish brown rectangular patch on the dorsal surface. The distal part of the second segment of the exopod of the uropod is dark in colour. Telson with carinae of primary teeth red, that of lateral tooth red to level of apex of prelateral lobe; median carina with red posterior spine. Uropodal protopod with terminal spines and carinae red; endopod white/yellow with distal half black; exopod proximal segment black distally, outer spines red; exopod distal segment black on inner three quarters, remainder yellow. Raptorial claw dactylus usually with 5 teeth. A1 somite dorsal processes with acute apices. Maxillipeds 1–4 with epipod. TS8 with sternal keel usually near obsolete, usually at most a low swelling. AS5 with pair of large, dark, submedian squares. Uropodal exopod with proximal segment as long as or shorter than distal segment. Uropodal protopod with rounded lobe on outer margin of inner spine.


Not recorded


Reported from Kerala coast by Sreelatha (1989) and Bijukumar (2012).




Squilla gonypetes Kemp, 1911


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