Aurelia solida

Scientific Name:-
Aurelia solida

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated.


Exumbrella finely granulated. Each tentacle is only 10mm. In length. there are 8 marginal rhopalia situated between the cleft of the umbrella margin and directed slightly towards to the exumbrella aspect. They are flanked by small, sharply pointed ocular lappet the mouth opening is surrounded by the thick gelatinous mouth arms the margin of the arms are closely beset with numerous tentacle, each 2-3mm.long. The stomach occupied a 4 lobed space, its outline being determined by the genital cavities. The arrangement of the radial canal presents irregularities. The gelatinous substance of the jelly is thick and transparent. Mouth arms radial canals gonad and tentacle are tinted with a beautiful violet colours.


Not reported.


This species is a common in all estuaries and brackish water of Kerala (Nair, 1946, 1951).


Bentho Pelagic



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