Penaeus canaliculatus

Scientific Name:-
Penaeus canaliculatus

Common Name:-
Witch prawn

Malayalam Name:-
Thavitthuvarayan Manjakonju


Not evaluated


Body pale yellow with red brown to brown transverse bands; rostrum brown, tip cream coloured, carapace with 2 dorsal bands perpendicular to axis of body and a third one leaning anteroventrally and reaching anterior margin of carapace,last abdominal band reaching ventral margin,pereopods yellow,adrostral carina and groove long, extending almost posterior region of carapace groove wide, telson without movable spines; pereopods yellow, tip bluish or pinkish, pleopods yellow with brown and white spots at bases; uropods with a large brown median transverse band, proximally white creamish, distally yellow, tips blue and fringe of setae red, anterior plate of thelycum subacuminate, posterior process triangular.


Not recorded


Found along west coast (Radhakrishnan et al. 2012). Reasonably good landing in Kerala in the catches of multi-day trawlers (Sarada, 2009).


Demersal; depth range 0 - 50 m


Melicertus canaliculatus (Olivier, 1811)
Palaemon canaliculatus Olivier, 1811


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