Megokris pescadoreensis

Scientific Name:-
Megokris pescadoreensis

Common Name:-
Bighead sand prawn

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated


The cardiac plate has 35-42 spinules. Zyzocardiac ossicle with principal tooth and an upper and lower row of 10-15 teeth, each row ending in a cluster of smaller teeth. Prepyloric with a median blunt tooth and a row of fifteen teeth on either side. The distal piece of the appendix masculina is broader anteriorly and fringed with spinules on the distal and distolateral aspects. It has half the length of the proximal piece.


Not recorded


Recorded from west coast of India and from Kerala coast. This species is closely related to M. granulosus (Haswall), though it differs from the above species in the structure of the thelycum and petasma. The anterior thelycal plate in T. pescadoreensis does not reach the posterior margin of the posterior plate. The petasma has a conspicuous wing-like expansion on the outer side of the distolateral projections. Besides, the appendix masculina in this species has a series of spinules on the distal and distolateral aspects of the distal piece whereas in M. granulosus the spinules are only present at the distal end (Thomas, 1969). Rare species in Kerala coast.


Coastal species, sandy and muddy bottom


Trachypeneus pescadoreensis Schmitt, 1931


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