Penaeus latisulcatus

Scientific Name:-
Penaeus latisulcatus

Common Name:-
Western king prawn

Malayalam Name:-
Raja chemmeen


Not evaluated


Body pale yellow to brown; antennal, rostral, postrostral and middorsal abdominal crests dark brown; pleura of first 5 abdominal segments each with a short vertical red or brown stripe; a diagonal stripe of the same colour may be present on last segment; pereopods yellow or blue; pleopods generally yellow; distal part of uropods blue with a fringe of red setae. Carapace smooth. Rostrum with 9 to 12 teeth on dorsal, and a single tooth on ventral margin, sometimes with a feeble accessory crest on the blade; adrostral crest and groove lo ng, extending almost to posterior margin of carapace, the groove wide; postrostral crest well developed as far back as adrostral groove, with a deep median groove throughout its length; gastrofrontal crest present ; gastrofrontal groove bifurcate posteriorly; hepatic crest almost horizontal to base of antennal crest and from there sloping anteroventrally; telson armed with 3 pairs of movable spines; no ischial spine on first pereopod. Petasma with distomedian projections reaching to or slightly overhanging distal margins of costae; ventral costae largely broadened apically, unarmed on their free border but incised on their attached border ; outer surface of lateral lobes not tuberculate. Thelycum (in females) with lateral plates, their antero-median angles divergent; anterior process with anterolateral edges raised, forming 2 subtriangular or cylindrical projections; posterior process triangular, its anterior edges raised in lateral ridges delimiting a median depressed area (FAO).


Not recorded


Recorded from west coast of India and from Kerala coast.


Coastal species, usually up to 80m


Melicertus latisulcatus (Kishinouye, 1896)


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