Aequorea conica

Scientific Name:-
Aequorea conica

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-


Not evaluated.


Gonads no more than half as long as radial canals. Umbrella 9 mm wide, 10-12 mm high, conical, with very thick mesoglea; manubrium half as wide as umbrella diameter, often broad and flat; mouth with long and slender lips with inward furrow which continues along inside of manubrium to radial canals; about 16 radial canals, twice as many tentacles (20-30), and as many small bulbs, both without excretory papillae or pores; about twice as many statocysts as tentacles; gonads laterally compressed, in proximal half of radial canals.


Not recorded





Aequoreaconica Browne, 1905


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