Acanthophora spicifera

Scientific Name:-
Acanthophora spicifera

Common Name:-
Spiny Seaweed / Spiny Alga

Malayalam Name:-

Sea weeds

Not Known


Thallus brittle, spiny, wide spreading, to 25 cm high, color variable, brown, red-brown, green to yellow; branching irregularly radial, sparse. Branches cylindrical, 0.6-3.0 mm diam., with central polysiphonous core surrounded by heavy cortication; spur-like spines absent. Branchlets uniformly abundant, short, possessing spur-like spines; spines to 0.5 mm long; hair-like filaments in clusters, obscure, deciduous. Holdfast irregularly lobed, disc-like. Tetrasporangia in linear rows, 42-50 µm diam., 60-80 µm long, tetrahedrally divided, in short spine-like swollen branchlets. Spermatangial clusters disc-like, often present at base of sterile hair stalks. Cystocarps urn-shaped, 0.5-1.0 mm diam., solitary, in axes of spines. Coloration varies with exposure to sunlight, from yellow in shallow waters exposed to bright light, to green, red or dark brown in areas with lower irradiation.


Not recorded


Reported from Kerala coast by Nair et al. (1982) and Chennubhotla et al. (1988).


Intertidal up to 8 m, attaches on pebbles, rocks, etc.


Acanthophora antillarum Montagne ex Kützing 1865, Acanthophora intermedia Crouan, Acanthophora orientalis J. Agardh 1863, Acanthophora orientalis var. wightii (J. Agardh) Sonder 1879, Acanthophora spicifera f. orientalis (J.Agardh) Weber-van Bosse 1923, Acanthophora spicifera f. wightii (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse 1923, Acanthophora spicifera var. orientalis (J. Agardh) Zaneveld 1956, Acanthophora thierryi f. gracilis P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan 1878, Acanthophora thierryi J.V. Lamouroux 1813, Acanthophora wightii J. Agardh 1863, Chondria acanthophorara C. Agardh 1822, Fucus acanthophorus J.V. Lamouroux 1805, Fucus spicifer M. Vahl 1802


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Chennubhotla,-V.S.K.; Ramachandrudu,-B.S.; Kaladharan,-P.; Dharmaraja,-S.K. (1988). Seaweed resources of Kerala Coast. Aquatic Biology, 7: 69-74

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