Anguilla bicolor

Scientific Name:-
Anguilla bicolor

Common Name:-
Indonesian Shortfin Eel

Malayalam Name:-
Ka?utta Maliññil


Near Threatened in IUCN Red List


Body elongate, cylindrical anteriorly, somewhat compressed along tail. Head conical, flattened dorsally; anterior nostril a narrow tube on face of snout; upper and lower lips prominent; lower jaw longer than upper, projecting ; angle of mouth a little behind rear margin of eye ; eye relatively small; teeth small, inconspicuous, multiserial, forming broad continuous bands on jaws and vomer (roof of mouth), the vomerine band extending more or less as far back as the the bands of the upper jaw but more pointed posteriorly; the upper teeth especially form an extensive toothed area on roof of mouth. Dorsal origin above anus or very nearly so; pectoral fins present. Dorsal spines (total): 0; Dorsal soft rays (total): 240-245; Anal spines: 0; Anal soft rays: 200 – 220. Olive to dark bluish-brown dorsally, lighter ventrally from jaw to anus. Dorsal body color uniform.


Not recorded, but population decline in many rivers due to over exploitation and probably construction of dams. Indian subspecies is Anguilla bicolor bicolor.


Common in the rivers of Kerala.


Inhabits freshwater streams and rivers. Lives in fresh water areas as an adult, in estuaries and seas as young. Catadromous. Descends to the sea to spawn.


Anguilla arracana McClelland, 1844
Anguilla brevirostris McClellan, 1844
Anguilla elphinstonei Sykes, 1839
Anguilla nebulosa McClelland, 1844
Anguilla variegata McClelland, 1844
Muraena bengalensis Gray, 1831
Muraena labiata Peters, 1852
Muraena macrophthalmos Peters, 1852


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