Mola mola

Scientific Name:-
Mola mola

Common Name:-
Ocean Sunfish

Malayalam Name:-
Perum Soorya Matsyam


Not Evaluated


Ocean sunfish have a large body that is compressed and ovular. They are the largest bony fish, measuring up to 3.1 m in length, 4.26 m in height, and weighing up to 2235 kg. They are scale-less, and have a thick, rubbery skin and irregular patches of tubercles over their body. Notably, adult ocean sunfish do not have a caudal fin or caudal peduncle. They instead have a clavus, which is a truncated tail, used more like a rudder than for propulsion. The clavus reaches from the rear edge of the dorsal fin to the rear edge of the anal fin. The dorsal and anal fins of ocean sunfish are tall, and their small pectoral fins point toward the dorsal fin. The dorsal fin has 15 to 18 soft rays, and the anal fin has 14 to 17 soft rays. They also have a small mouth with fused teeth that form a beak-like structure .





Adult ocean sunfish are found in temperate and tropical oceans, saltwater or marine


Tetraodon cinctus Richardson 1848
Tetraodon valentyni Bleeker 1853
Canthigaster cinctus Jones 1969
Canthigaster valentini Smith 1949


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