Atelomycterus marmoratus

Scientific Name:-
Atelomycterus marmoratus

Common Name:-
Coral Catshark

Malayalam Name:-
Coral Poocha Sravu


Classified as Near Threatened in IUCN Redlist of species.


Very slender, narrow-headed catshark with variegated colour pattern, grey saddle markings obsolete, black spots enlarged and merging together to form dash and bar marks that bridge saddle areas, large white spots scattered on sides and back, anterior nasal flaps greatly expanded and extending to mouth, nasoral grooves present, first dorsal with origin about opposite or slightly in front of pelvic insertions, second dorsal fin much larger than anal fin and subequal to first dorsal. Claspers of adult males extremely attenuated and narrow, reaching at least 2/3 of distance from pelvic insertions to anal origin. Colour pattern highlyvariegated, dorsal saddles obsolete, black spots enlarged and often merging together to form dash and bar marks that bridge saddle areas, light ground colour forming large white spots scattered on sides and back.


In Kerala caught occasionally in trawl nets.


Little-known, harmless inshore species found rarely in the coastal waters of Kerala coast. Recorded in fishing harbours as bycatch of trawlers.


Marine; Reef associated


Ateleomycterus marmoratum (Anonymous [Bennett], 1830) (misspelling)
Atelomycterus marmoratum (Anonymous [Bennett], 1830) (misspelling)
Scyllium maculatum Gray, 1830
Scyllium marmoratum Anonymous [Bennett], 1830
Scyllium pardus Temminck, 1838


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